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Paul Romano
Joel Penkman
Anne Desmet
Peter Dover
Ruth Thomas
Peter Cameron
3 colours black
Liverpool open 2012
Sir Peter Blake
Alistair Tucker
Dennis Spicer
Liverpool open 2013

Nicole Bartos
Instant Thoughts
Sept 22nd -Oct 14th 2006

Nicole creates in a therapeutic way generally using mixed media, ceramics and painting to relate to personal micro-cosmos and psycho-analysis. She has been exhibiting as part of Liverpool Biennial (Independents) since it began in 1999.
Showing facets of personal expression within various reflective contexts, the exhibition introduces a combination of elements such as material structure, interpretation of hidden nature, time flow and personal energy.

“Through this cycle of works related to ‘instant thoughts’, I endeavoured to use organic ingredients, directly or indirectly and motivate the energy found in organic material, as well as the vibrations or sonority of these used ingredients after firing.
Tactile sculptures suggest ‘touching’ the thoughts, as with a magic touch and transforming thoughts into ‘Sound’/vibration, or into something material part of the real world. The Sound would then substitute the communicative desire, the diversity of ways that a thought can be perceived by those outside me”.


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