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Derek Culley - Brushworks

28th August-20thSeptember

derek culley at editions 2014


culley editions 2014

Derek Culley was born and educated in Ireland but moved to the UK in 1973 finally locating in Liverpool in 2004.

This exhibition features both digital and analogue brushworks and explores the tension between the two

Derek is a self taught, intuitive artist who learned his craft by immersing himself in the work of contemporary British painters such as Terry Frost and John Hoyland, becoming a close friend of Denis Bowen the influential painter and educator who was co-founder of the Celtic vision group with Derek Culley and John Bellany in 1985.

He has exhibited extensively and internationally, continually receiving positive feedback and reviews. He is a recipient of a Pollock Krasner Foundation Award 2006-2007 

"His link with street art cannot be denied. The apparent abandonment of image towards a form of graffiti like mark making can be descriptive. Culley uses the marks within the image to unsettle his picture plane. He uses this technique to understand the surface tension.

Once having lost control of the image he wrestles control back. Being brave in his use of colour, he uses colour in it’s raw form. These are not “pretty paintings” but paintings from the heart, sometimes funny often with a logical wisdom.

What makes Derek Culley a painter of note is the fact that he challenges the viewer to look at his world, a world that does not come easy. But one that comes with an aesthetic challenge. The palette of primary colour can obscure not just the aesthetic quality of the work but lead us the viewer to a world that is on one hand edgy and on the other ordered, almost mathematical."

Eamon Colman
Artist / Aosdána - Alternative Entertainments Exhibition - Tallaght Dublin July 2008


derek culley editions 2014

derek culley editions 2014

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