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Jacqui Priestly - Kukan

24th July-25th August

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Jacqui Priestley is a graduate of LJMU where she studied for a BA in Fine Art. Working from studios in St.Helens and her home in Warrington, Jacqui is a visual artist whose work is exhibited widely throughout the UK and USA and is held in both public and private collections.

Her paintings explore the abstract possibilities of paint, especially those concerned with surface, layering, obfuscation, mark and colour and involve a dialogue with the painting process and the physical properties of the medium. She is Interested in exploring the phenomenology of memory and its relationship to physical location, her work draws on memories of her surroundings from the mundane to the extraordinary. It engages with the idea and structures of memory traces and triggers and reflects the artists concerns with imperfection and impermanence. Linked conceptually to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi the paintings feature abrupt shifts, cross-currents and marks designed to constructively agitate the viewer, prompting and challenging them to look beyond the two dimensional plane.

Kukan is a body of work that questions how we view our sense of belonging within a place. Many of the paintings emerged from a 12 month documentation of the artist’s work spaces through the medium of graphite drawings which were then randomly erased at a later date. Others hint at half remembered places the artist has visited but with no sense of exact location and no indication of time.  This absence provides a space for the viewer to inhabit by invoking their own memories and associations.


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jacqui priestly at editions ltd 2014

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