Current exhibition

New Mythologies -
Michael Lacey

22nd October - 14thNovember


michael lacey editions

Michael Lacey editions

Michael Lacey was the very popular winner of this year's Editions Liverpool Open and we are delighted to be presenting a solo exhibition of his work as part of his prize.

Michael plays with a very recognisable set of imagery that produces works that are sombre, thoughtful, serious and sometimes laugh out loud hilarious. His work manages both the surreal and the ridiculous in a way that is thought provoking and a little disturbing.

Using painting and collage he decribes a world that is in his own words a "a loosely autobiographical, self-mythologising fiction"

"Mixed media piieces combine painting with intricate layered collage, depicting strange phenomena, outlandish landscapes and their lonely inhabitants. Playful sculptures incorporating toys and household items repulse and amuse, delicate drawings depict figures engaged in strange rituals of penitence. Nature teems with ambiguous intent and wildly improbable architectural structures sprout like weeds, forming tricks and traps.  Rigorous construction masks the boundaries between collage and painting, between fiction and fact; morbid and comic scenes resist simple interpretation. "

Michael Lacey


Michael Lacey editions

michael loacey editions

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