Current exhibition

Anna Ketskemety- In the Garden

21st March-19th April


anna ketskemety at editions

anna ketskemety at editions

We are very excited to be showing new works by Anna Ketskemety themed around the Garden for our spring exhibition. The exhibition will also feature a first for us, as Anna will be painting a mural live in the gallery, in the run up to the Private view. The mural will be an ephemeral piece, only existing during the exhibition.

The themes of home and the everyday recur throughout Anna’s painting and constructed works, from the utilisation of found materials in their production, to the depiction of home interiors and her recent work which has moved outside into the garden.  

She explicitly uses personal photography as source material, raising questions about authenticity, objectivity, capture and permanence. The resulting paintings are intimately small-scale, subtle, explorations into the dynamics of light and colour and are often tinged with a melancholic atmosphere.

 “In her portraits too she refers to the domestic spaces and objects within them that shape us. Her subjects are there but only partly visible, lost in the furniture and accretions of their lives, framed within ordinariness and seeming mundanity. The work speaks of latent possibilities in events that will always repeat; of doors we have passed through a thousand times and yet maybe not once.” (Jan-Carlos Kucharek, Senior Editor, RIBA Journal)

The commercial projects Ketskemety has undertaken have informed her personal practice which comprises individual paintings, works in series, constructs, site-specific works, installation and collaborative exhibitions.  Recent mural projects and small-scale commercial works have introduced elements of drawing and scale.

Anna Ketskemety graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 1997 after initially studying Architecture.  She is based at Arena Studios in Liverpool. Further images of her work may be seen on her website at


anna ketyskemety at editions

anna ketskemety at editions

anna ketskemety at editions

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