Regarding the Object – Sarah Gilman – starts 12/03


:: Don’t miss the private view:: 5.30 – 8pm, Thursday 12th March ::

:: Join us at Cook Street, Liverpool for our latest exhibition, Regarding the Object by Sarah Gilman ::

The artist’s statement reads as follows:

“Sarah Gilman’s practice is primarily concerned with re-interpreting the still-life genre within contemporary discourses. This selection of paintings by Gilman has been produced over the previous three years.

Gilman’s conceptual concerns and ways of working have subtly shifted over this three year period. While her earlier paintings might be described as falling under the aegis of traditional still life painting – the representation of objects, more recent works re-visit illusion, influenced by Dutch still-life painting of the 17th century. Gilman’s use of trompe l’oeil (illusion that convinces the eye), is employed to great effect in its representation of studio materials used in the production of her painting, specifically the use of masking tape. This allows Gilman to say something, not only about painting, but also the spaces in which these paintings are produced: namely, the walls of her studio.”